Sensorized flue pipes: combustion systems embrace the digital age

Advanced technologies

Sensorizing flue pipes means being able to remotely monitor parameters related to flue gas output. The operator will always have under control all the information on the efficiency, emissions and wear and tear of the appliance  and he will be able to optimize performance, schedule maintenance and act promptly in case of failures or other problems, ensuring respect for the environment and increasing safety for people.

Data processing and management

The data collected through the sensors are captured and processed by a cloud-based platform using artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics, and can be displayed on any device.

Benefits for operators

Installers and maintainers will be able to monitor all data related to the performances of their customers’ heating devices thanks to a customized control dashboard, on which they will find both the information collected directly by the sensors (temperature, anomalies, draught data) and the information related to the processing of the collected data (ignition time, combustion problems, proper functioning, usage, fuel quality, need for extraordinary maintenance…).

Energetic efficiency

Assessing information on flue gas output allows the operator to determine whether maintenance should be anticipated or delayed, checking the efficiency of the device with the aim of minimizing energy waste. Reporting any faults (exceeding temperature and pressure thresholds, alarms related to improper combustion or suboptimal performance, fire hazard…) allows timely intervention anticipating the customer’s call and avoiding the emission of harmful substances into the environment.

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