From the forest to the table: a research on gastronomic wood at Progetto Fuoco

Can woody biomass open up new gastronomic horizons, helping us not only to cook our dishes, but also stimulate our senses with new aromas and flavors?

This was the subject of the research we carried out together with the Sensory Analysis Laboratory and the Food Lab of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, with which between October and November 2021 we studied the effect of different woods used for barbecuing meat on the sensory perceptions of consumers.

The collaboration between the University of Pollenzo and Altrefiamme was born from the conviction that the choice of fuels is of fundamental importance when using a wood-burning oven, and that wood can acquire a role of equal importance to the one of a spice or an ingredient during the gastronomic experience.

Thanks to the expertise of the Sensory Analysis Laboratory and the Food Lab of the University, we were therefore able to study the effects of woody biomass, with the objective of making both the results and the best types of gastronomic woods available on Altrefiamme’s portal .

The University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo

Founded in 2004 by the international Slow Food association with the Piedmont and Emilia Romagna regions, the University of Gastronomic Sciences aims to train gastronomes, new professional figures with interdisciplinary skills in science, culture, politics, economics and ecology of food, who are able to promote the sustainability of global food systems by knowing all the phases involved, from production to consumption.

Research results at Progetto Fuoco

You will be able to discover the results of the project during the Progetto Fuoco fair, which will be held at Veronafiere from May 4-7. PEFC Italy will also take part in the intervention, explaining the importance of the origin certification of wood regarding transparency towards consumers.

The speech will be held Thursday, May 5 from 11.30 to 12.30, in the Area Verde, Hall 4.


  • 11,30 – Opening seminar and presentation of the speakers
  • 11,30 (15m) – Altrefiamme: the virtuous chain of wood biomass, speech by Leonardo Paolino, CEO and President of Extra Group, Altrefiamme Founder
  • 11,45 (20m) – Values and importance of wood as a gastronomic material, speech by Silvio Barbero, Vice president of UNISG
  • 2,05 (20m) – UNISG research project: “Pleasantness and descriptive analysis of meats cooked with different woods”, speech by Prof. Maria Piochi, professor and Vice director of Sensory analysis laboratory of Pollenzo
  • 12,25 (15m) – The role of certification as a tool for transparency and marketing, speech by Antonio Brunori, Secretary General of PEFC Italy