A Digital Experience Platform with IoT and Blockchain to digitize the future of wood

Atrefiamme strongly believes in innovating and digitizing the wood biomass supply chain, in order to guarantee end consumers a quality, traced and safe product that helps reduce CO2 emissions.

Starting the project up until today, we have continued to develop our ideas and the technologies and the portal has slowly taken shape: you can see it for the first time up close during Progetto Fuoco, May 4-7 at Veronafiere!

Come visit us at the Innovation Village and discover the features of our Digital Experience Platform:

The Ecommerce for the purchase of blockchain-certified wood

On Altrefiamme’s portal it will be possible to buy certified and guaranteed wood biomass: from firewood (chips, briquettes, agripellets) to the innovative gastronomic wood, everything will be traceable and safe thanks to the use of blockchain.

Dashboards for analyzing data from IoT sensors

Using IBM technologies, it will be possible to install IoT sensors on combustion systems to monitor their efficiency, prevent failures and identify areas for intervention to optimize energy consumption and CO2 production. The data collected will be analyzable through dashboards for real-time monitoring.

Elearning platform for industry operators

Altrefiamme wants to be a point of reference for those who work in the wood biomass combustion sector, providing training and refresher courses for operators and maintainers of wood heating devices.

The blog to stay updated on the world of wood biomass

Finally, Altrefiamme is an informative portal with news, articles and in-depth analysis on the world of wood biomass: from research on gastronomic wood to the latest news and legislation on CO2 emissions, to best practices for the correct use of ovens and stoves, as well as about environmental protection.

We are waiting for you at Progetto Fuoco, don’t miss it!