Piattaforma di incontro

Community portal

A digital portal where operators and producers of agroforestry fuels, producers of appliances that convert biomasses into energy and heat (such as furnaces, stoves, boilers, thermo-fireplaces), institutions, universities and public and private research bodies can interact and exchange knowledge, updates and best practices.

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Tracciabilità grazie alla blockchain

Traceability through blockchain

From the forest to combustion, we can control and certify the entire path of wood biomass thanks to blockchain technology. The advantages? Maximum guaranteed quality, legality and respect for the ecosystem.

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Marketplace delle biomasse legnose

Wood biomass marketplace

Buy online the best wood fuels with high efficiency and the right water content: fuelwood, wood chips, briquettes, agripellets and much more... everything is tracked and certified!

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Formazione degli operatori

Training for operators

An e-learning portal that offers professional training courses for operators in the wood biomass sector: installers, maintenance operators and chimney sweepers.

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Digitalizzazione de sensorizzazione

Digitization and use of IoT sensors

Our aim is to digitalize the biomass supply chain to make it more suitable for new challenges. We intend to integrate combustion appliances and flues with IoT sensors to monitor their efficiency, emissions and wear parameters. All this with the aim of creating of a better fire experience.

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News sul mondo delle biomasse legnose

News about the world of wood biomass

News, articles, interviews, curiosities about the world of wood and good practices for the proper use of furnaces and stoves, as well as for the protection of the environment.

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