An innovative startup for the digitalization of woody biomass supply chain

Born out of passion thanks to the unusual meeting of two worlds, fire and technology, Altrefiamme promotes the digital transformation of the supply chain, from the forest to emissions to air, with the aim of making it more efficient, safe and truly eco-sustainable.

Altrefiamme targets professional operators – forest entrepreneurs, stove makers, installers and maintainers of combustion appliances – offering innovative solutions, services and information. But it also addresses all fire enthusiasts – for air conditioning, decor, gastronomy – by offering a digital marketplace of certified products.

Innovative technologies

Blockchain, data analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT.

Using skills and tools that have already enabled the digital transformation of many industries, Altrefiamme revolutionizes the woody biomass supply chain from forest to chimney, tracking useful information to ensure quality, ecological sustainability and energy yield. Through its innovative sensorized flue pipes, Altrefiamme is able to offer flue gas monitoring services.

A new and profitable way to optimize combustion, decrease pollution and enhance people’s safety.


Woody biomasses are environmentally sustainable, renewable and efficient: the production cycle of certified wood generates CO2 savings of at least 70% compared to natural gas, for the same amount of energy produced. Altrefiamme collaborates with the Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano and its Blockchain Innovation & Solutions Hub to develop innovative Blockchain projects designed to ensure a safe, legal and environmentally friendly supply chain.

Training and information

Altrefiamme provides an online training school for all professionals who want to keep up with the times, update their offer, and remain competitive in the market.

Altrefiamme’s online newspaper is an up-to-date news channel based on its participation in major European agroforestry events.

Gastronomic sciences

Gastronomic wood represents a revolutionary concept not just as a raw material for grilling, but also as an element of added value in the pursuit of taste.

Together with the Universit√† di Scienze Gastronomiche in Pollenzo, Altrefiamme studies wood as a gastronomic raw material, evaluating its effect on consumers’ satisfaction and sensory perception.

Our Mission

Leonardo PaolinoCEO of Altrefiamme

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