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A new reality in the world of wood biomasses

Digital transformation experts, entrepreneurs, academics, biomass professionals, furnace and stove manufacturers, institutional stakeholders: and everyone is inspired by fire!


Altrefiamme’s team brings together a heterogeneous set of people and professionalisms: the combination of these different skills can generate a value that would not be achievable individually. We have joined together precisely to create something that a single person would be unable to achieve: better processes, traceability, efficiency, protection of the supply chain, correct legislation. This is the only way we can write the future of wood.

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We believe in the future of wood biomass and we want to contribute through technology

Wood biomasses will definitely be in the future of fuels because they are environmentally sustainable, renewable and efficient.

For the same amount of energy that is being produced, the production cycle of certified fuelwood generates CO2 savings of at least 70%, compared to natural gas.

In order to create the future of wood biomass, it is necessary to overcome several issues that Altrefiamme intends to address:

The wood biomass supply chain is fragmented

The actors in the supply chain must unite in a single structure that is capable of enhancing virtuous practices, encouraging management and sharing of information and ultimately generating economic growth.
Altrefiamme is a place for meeting and exchange of information for all the operators in the supply chain, in order to guarantee a future for wood biomass and for the manufacturers of combustion devices.

Illegal imported wood is a major issue

Illegal wood is a business that generates between 30 and 100 billion euros each year and funds organized crime. This illegal trade is second only to the drug trade and creates unfair competition, pollution and widespread illegal practices.

Suitable biomass and efficient appliances can reduce CO2 emissions

Domestic wood combustion is the third largest source of particulate emissions. This is however mainly due to outdated furnaces and stoves that account for 70% of the total appliances installed. In addition, incorrect use of stoves can result in emissions that are 10 times greater than proper use. The use of high quality fuelwood and the integration of IoT sensors on furnaces, stoves and fireplaces can optimize combustion and significantly lower emissions.

Training is slow and expensive

It is necessary to simplify learning methods and provide regulatory updates for installers, maintenance technicians and chimney sweepers, avoiding costly and unnecessary trips. With Altrefiamme it will be possible to follow the courses directly online.

The consumer is unable to find suitable fuelwood

A great part of the wood biomasses on the market are of poor quality and do not have any tracking system nor warranty. Uncertified fuelwood, wood chips, briquettes and agripellets can have a high water content, causing imperfect combustion, low energy yielding and high particulate emissions.

Information for institutions is incomplete and incorrect

Fuelwood and its derivatives are considered harmful and polluting by institutions because of partial information, mainly due to inefficient fuel management: restrictive legislation continues to proliferate throughout Italy. By collecting the data of our low-polluting technologies we can create a national database at the service of a properly informed legislation that rewards the use of low-emission wood biomass.

The fire revolution in the digital age has begun

Altrefiamme’s portal will include:

  • A DXP (Digital Experience Platform), i.e., a single point of access to help the wood supply chain actors coordinate, strengthen and spread the culture of certified wood, as well as to create value and economic growth for the entire industry.
  • A marketplace (eCommerce) with the best traced, certified and guaranteed wood biomasses. Fuelwood, wood chips, briquettes, agripellets: everything will be certified and tracked through blockchain, from the forest to the stove. In addition to this, Altrefiamme will propose gastronomic wood, a new concept of wood for cooking any kind of dish.
  • A digital training school that provides professional training courses for operators in the sector: installers, maintenance technicians, chimney sweepers. All classes will be held online, without the need for physical locations or expensive travels and managed by the best experts in the field.
  • News, articles, interviews and curiosities about the world of wood and good practices for the proper use of furnaces and stoves, as well as for the protection of the environment.
  • Data and statistics for organizations and institutions, as well as support to research and institutional bodies through big data and data analytics for the development of monitoring and control studies, energy saving policies and environmental protection.